Enterprise Integration

This is the era of digital business, where technology is not just the facilitator of business practice, it is the heart of business strategy.

As your business grow, the new challenges you expect to face are:

  • Insufficient capacity
  • Performance optimization
  • lowering cost structure
  • Discovering room for improvement


When your use technology for enterprise integration you can make multiple units, functions and sites of organizations work together. Also, it enables you to look across functions in a quest of meeting these challenges.

Enterprise Integration has evolved from different architectural concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Enterprise Service Bus(ESB), Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and now it has evolved up to the micro-services and how micro-services communicate with each other. Especially the increasing usage of API’s has made Enterprise Integration as critical component of IT Strategy.

Every day, We at QForce Technologies are concentrating hard on analysing modern trends that are evolving enterprise integration. We have proven methods, tools and expertise to develop solutions such as:

  • Cloud Services
  • SAS Applications
  • IoT
  • Web APIs


We can furnish your need to develop different types of data representations within enterprise. We will be providing technology tools and infrastructure to support innovation initiatives. Primary among these are:

  • Connection and collaboration software
  • Databases and knowledge management systems
  • Analytical tools.
  • Especially valuable are information directories and repositories of application modules, which we will constructs and disseminates to innovators, who can then recombine them for new uses.


As you can see enterprise integration is moving in to a much more dynamic space than ever before. The need to rethink enterprise integration strategies is of critical importance.